Exhaust Mass Flow Measurement

AEI has developed and patented a method for measuring diesel exhaust mass flow rate. These systems are manufactured to provide flow rate measurements on exhaust pipe sizes ranging from 2-8” in diameter. Read More>

Computerized Control Systems

A core segment of Analytical Engineering’s original business was addressing the needs of process monitoring.  AEI has continued to design and implement custom control equipment...Read More>

PM Sample Conditioning System

AEI’s system is manufactured for use inside or outside of a test cell. The system is built with a uniquely designed proprietary probe and a temperature controller for maintaining the desired 47C temperature from the sample point to its exit from the system.   Read More>


HARC Low Cost Emissions Reduction Program

AEI recently demonstrated 75% NOx reduction in diesel exhaust utilizing a catalyst with no precious metal content. AEI, in partnership with NOxTech, has been developing a cost-effective aftertreatment system with funding from a New Technology Research and Development (NTRD) grant from Texas Emissions Reduction Program (TERP) in cooperation with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC). A recent breakthrough resulted in several nonprecious metal catalyst formulations yielding between 65% and 75% NOx reduction in diesel exhaust, with the potential for even higher NOx reduction with future process/catalyst optimization. The chart below illustrates the NOx reduction achieved over a range of temperatures. This is an ongoing program and is expected to result in a commercial retrofit product by 2009.

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