On-Site Support

Emissions Measurement - AEI’s emission measurement capabilities are state of the art and include a fully staffed emissions laboratory where analyzers are packaged, maintained, and...(click for more info)
Machining and Fabrication - The AEI machine shop is comprised of state of the art CNC and manual machining centers. The machine shop is used to support...(click for more info)
Air Flow Measurement - To support air handling projects, the Air Flow lab has a research flow rig capable of up to 4500 cfm with pressures to 30” H20...(click for more info)
Electrical Engineering, Computer Controls, and Software - Electrical engineering is an integral part of all AEI development and product activities. Engineers design and build circuit board systems...(click for more info)
Combustion Analysis - AEI’s Data Acquisition and Combustion Analysis package was designed for our in-house use and is a robust system built on proven and reliable hardware...(click for more info)