Environmental Statement

Analytical Engineering, Inc. Environmental Statement

Since the inception of the company, AEI has taken its environmental responsibility very seriously. Simply stated, AEI strives to conduct its operations whilst imposing the smallest possible environmental footprint. Moreover, AEI seeks every available avenue to not only minimize its impact on the earth’s biosphere, but to also create usable energy that is provided to the electric utility grid for other users. This systemic utilization of fossil resources allows for AEI to conduct its research and services for other customers while effectively maintaining a net zero carbon footprint. And further, AEI and its employees maintain some 72 acres of industrial property on the south side of Columbus, Indiana. All grounds that are not roads and buildings are maintained to the highest order with rolling, groomed pasture, manicured lawns, a wetland estuary, 10 acre fruit tree orchard, employee vegetable gardens, berry farm, vineyard and honey bees.

Technology Facility (AEI Central)

The AEI facility on Technology Boulevard boasts a net negative carbon footprint. This is accomplished by utilizing its waste heat from engine research to heat the building in the winter. Further, mechanical energy that is derived from engine work is captured in the form of electrical energy that is carefully inverted to 60 hertz power. This energy is used to power the facility and the excess is exported to the utility grid. This facility exports power onto the grid where it is sold by Duke Energy to its customers in Columbus and surrounding communities.

To AEI’s knowledge, our company is the only private, non utility, continuous exporter of electrical power to the grid in the Midwestern USA. Exported power quality complies with IEEE 519 which is effectively perfect quality. Through a cooperative agreement between AEI and Duke Energy, waste energy from AEI is distributed to homes and businesses in the area. We at AEI are very proud to have this ability and are thankful to Duke Energy for their direct contribution to zero carbon energy distribution. Excess water that is used to provide cooling and other functions is pumped to a location between AEI and its affiliated company Data Cave. This location is consequently maintained year around as a wetland. Comprising approximately one acre, this is home to a flourishing crop of cattails and moss that provide protection, food and nesting for redwing black birds, mockingbirds, robins, ducks and a host of other songbirds and migratory birds.

The Rock Facility

The new AEI facility on South Marr was purchased after having been an empty factory for nearly 3 years. This facility is currently under construction with 10 new and modern engine research test cells. Once fully operational, this facility will too be a net negative carbon footprint operation. Nothing is wasted. The Rock is also home to the orchard. Located to the west of the main building, the orchard is comprised of some 300 fruit trees including multiple varieties of apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, cherry and nectarine. Adjacent to the north are some 200 berry bushes and grape vines. Vegetable garden plots are allocated for AEI employees and customers so that individuals can plant and maintain their personal gardens. All of the orchard, berry bushes, grapes and vegetable gardens are irrigated. Effective gardening and orchard growing is best done with enhanced pollination. As such, AEI personnel maintain 3-5 honey bee hives in proximity to the orchard.