Our Super Cell engine testing laboratory is the one stop shop for engine testing requirements beyond the norm.   Read more>
In the world of lubrication oil soot measurements on diesel engines, the BTSA saves time and money by compressing 100 to 500-hour tests into a few minutes.   Read more>
AEI delivers timely and consistent results in a wide variety of cold start and winter driving simulation test cells.    Read more>


Upgrades to AEI's Cold Start Test Cells have been completed and work is now being scheduled for the cells.

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AEI recently demonstrated 75% NOx reduction in diesel exhaust utilizing a catalyst with no precious metal content.

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CHIP Grant Program

Analytical Engineering, Inc. is a proud grantee of the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) 2011 Conserving Hoosier Industrial Power (CHIP) program.

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Diesel Engine Testing at AEI
The engine testing division of AEI strives to deliver unparalleled speed, versatility and knowledgeable staff for a wide range of engine research, development and testing. With AEIís 12 state of the art test cells, customers have options for developing and testing practically any conceivable diesel engine and exhaust aftertreatment system. AEIís aggressive approach to providing optimal solutions to development requirements results in achieving the fastest and most accurate time to market for todayís sophisticated engines.   Read more>

Cold Motoring Friction
AEI has helped several customers develop engine control strategies and calibration maps for cold operation. The AEI supercell provides the ability to cool the engine and fluids to temperatures as low as -40 deg. C. The motoring dyno then can rotate the engine at different speeds while using an inline torque flange to measure the torque required to overcome the engine friction at a given speed. This data is compiled to create appropriate engine fueling maps for good driveability and torque transparency to the vehicle driver. This test cell may also be utilized to conduct motoring tear down tests, such that the friction attributed to various engine components may be measured.  Read more>

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