Analytical Engineering, Inc. (AEI) was started in 1994 and is located in Columbus, Indiana. AEI has strategically built a strong supporting infrastructure of staff, facilities, and equipment that enables projects to be quickly launched and completed.

In one segment of business, AEI designs, manufactures, distributes, and supports custom instruments that analyze engine-related fluids and contaminants, such as oil lubricant and exhaust. These instruments acquire measurements real-time while the engines are running in dynamometer test cells. This data is useful in rapidly quantifying engine properties and expediting the development process. AEI has a worldwide customer base with locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

A second business focus for AEI is research and development of engines and engine-related systems. AEI has twenty six engine test cells that are comprised of AC motoring dynamometers, cold cells, altitude simulation, CVS tunnels, and thermal cycling capability. One of the test cells at AEI is referred to as a “super cell”, and features all of the equipment necessary to simulate driving cycles in high altitude locations such as Loveland  pass located in the Rocky Mountains of north-central Colorado. Also housed within the AEI facility is a vehicle center, where prototype engines can be installed and tested in vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to buses. Many of the various development programs at AEI involve hardware and software iteration. AEI’s complete in house supporting infrastructure includes design with solids modeling, computer aided machining (CAM), high precision fabrication, electronic board design and assembly, and computer control systems. AEI has helped customers develop new engine ratings to meet performance and emissions requirements, exhaust aftertreatment systems, fuel systems, robust engine hardware, and a variety of other engine-related products. The skilled staff and immediate access to all necessary prototyping equipment enables AEI to rapidly iterate and develop custom prototype systems utilizing the test cells.

Not all projects at AEI are engine/engine component related; the same expertise that goes into engine work is also used in other aspects or research and development. AEI has built multiple test rigs for multiple customers that focus on our expertise in fluid dynamics, air flow, controls systems, and software development. Expanding beyond strictly engine related work has allowed a synergistic effect on the knowledge and experience of AEI personnel and allows us to bring a unique perspective that solves problems, drives work forward, and keeps a project on schedule.