One focus for AEI is research and development of engines and engine related systems. AEI has twenty six engine test cells that are comprised of AC motoring dynamometers, cold cells, altitude simulation, CVS tunnel, and thermal cycling capability.  Also housed within AEI is the vehicle engineering center, this is where prototype components can be installed and developed in vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to buses and semis. Many of the various development programs at AEI involve hardware and software iteration. AEI’s complete in house supporting infrastructure includes design with solids modeling, computer aided machining (CAM), high precision fabrication, electronic board design and assembly, and computer control systems. AEI has helped customers develop performance and emissions driven engine calibrations, exhaust aftertreatment systems, fuel systems, robust engine hardware, and a variety of other engine-related products. With skilled staff and immediate access to all necessary equipment, AEI is able to rapidly iterate and develop custom prototype systems.