Mass Flow Measurement

AEI has developed and patented a method for measuring diesel exhaust mass flowrate. (US Pat# 6,668,663) These systems are manufactured to provide flow rate measurements on exhaust pipe sizes ranging from 2-8” in diameter.

The flow measurement system was developed by AEI in response to a need for a durable, easy-to-install flow measurement device on diesel exhaust. Initially, AEI tested several other commercially available flow meters, but experienced issues with fouling of the flow sensor that would quickly create erroneous flow rates. In order to obtain reliable exhaust flow measurements, AEI developed a device that would provide consistent data when installed on a vehicle for at least a week’s operation. This device was used for collecting emissions and duty cycle information on over 50 different off-road vehicles, collectively establishing more than 6000 hours worth of data. This device has also been used for on-highway diesel trucks, ranging from class 8 semis to pickup trucks.