MG2030 FTIR Analyzer

AEI Offers Custom Sampling System Design for MKS FTIRS

The sampling systems for MKS FTIR systems are a critical component in establishing analyzer accuracy. AEI’s team can design new or modify existing sampling systems for improved reliability and optimized NH3 slip. Significant benefits will be achieved with customized sampling systems, ranging from basic to complex, depending on the measurement requirements. Contact AEI for more information.


AEI employs an MG2030 FTIR maintenance and repair team to keep your emissions instruments working and a parts and repair group to fix any problems.  This allows our qualified technicians to quickly repair your MG2030 FTIR instruments and minimize test cell down time.

Some of the benefits and highlights of this service are as follows:

  • AEI carries an inventory of critical parts for the MKS FTIR systems that will reduce standard repair times.
  • AEI maintains a HELP line to answer questions and guide your technicians through many repairs.
  • AEI will dispatch a technician to your site for repairs requiring a higher skill level.
  • AEI can also assist with corrupted software issues and offer repair service.

Additionally, AEI has also developed several FTIR training packages that will enable your technicians to make routine repairs. These training courses are multi-tiered with each tier advancing on skills and competencies required for component failures and repairs.

Courses are designed to be stand-alone and can be presented at your location. Training can be integrated into your company training and re-certification programs.

FTIR Training
  • Level 1: Designed to deliver fundamental skills and competencies for FTIR instrument operation, customer equipment tasks, and basic troubleshooting and repair.
  • Level 2: Designed to deliver advanced skills and competencies for high failure items that can be resolved and tracked during daily, weekly, and quarterly health checks.
  • Level 3: Designed to deliver advanced skills and
    competencies for complicated component failures
    and repairs.
  • Level 4: Designed to deliver advanced repair skills and competencies for advanced trouble shooting of your FTIR instrument. Enables the technician to quickly identify if an issue is with the instrument or testing system, and understand what steps are needed to bring the instrument back into calibration to meet required quality testing standards.

Please download the attached bulletin with additional detailed information regarding our services.
MKS FTIR Full System Support Brochure

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